Full Gamecube Backup and Loading Tutorial
These hacks enable you to stream backup games from your PC right to your GameCube and play them on the fly!
No modchip or disc burning required!        
Important Note
If you actually play Phantasy Star Online, I suggest you use another memory card for this.
Also, you only have to initialize your memory card once, not before each rip or game load.
Phase 1: Initialize the memory card        

Tools Needed

Phantasy Star Online Game Disc ( original copy )
Memory Card ( any size or brand will do )
Gamecube Broadband Adapter
Crossover Network Cable
PSUL v1.1 ( here )        
Step 1: Boot Phantasy Star Online Game Disc
Pretty self explanitory.

Step 2: Setup Network Profile
When prompted for the TCP/IP settings, choose manual, do not auto-disconnect, and enter an IP address of with a subnet mask and a default gateway of For the Primary DNS server, enter Start the PSUL utility on the PC side with the following DOS prompt command: " psul -s ". This makes your PC "emulate" a sort of Phantasy Star Online game server. Now start an online game using the character you chose and the DOL file will upload to your memory card allowing you to transfer game data to and from your PC.

Step 3: Configure TCP/IP on your PC
Access the TCPI/IP properties for the network card on your PC and change the IP address to with a subnet mask of No default gateway is required for this to work. You may need to reboot your PC for changes to take affect.

Step 4: Create a Character for Online Play
Next, create a character. It really doesn't how or which character you choose. When prompted for your hunter's license, enter anything you wish. It also might be handy to select the save password to memory card as well so you don't have to enter it each time.

Step 5: Start it all up
On your PC, run " psul -s " at a DOS prompt. It should then say waiting for connection or someting to that effect. Next, start an online game of Phantasy Star using the character profile you chose. It will then try to connect to your PC. If successful, your PC will display the following messages:
"Saving user info on memory card..."

Phase 2: Stream Game Disc Image to Gamecube        

Tools Needed

Paradox GC Disc Server ( here )
Initialized Memory Card  ( see Phase 1 )
Phantasy Star Online Game Disc
Gamecube Broadband Adapter
Step 1: Start Paradox GC Disc Server
Start the Paradox GC Disc server on your PC. Select the correct IP address for the Gamecube and the Gamecube disc image file you wish to load. Click "Start" then "Start an online game" in Phantasy Star Online. It should connect to your PC and start executing the game you uploaded. Welcome to the world of playing backups on your NGC without any hardware modification! Enjoy!

Extracting ISO Image from Game Disc        

Tools Needed

Gamecube ISO Ripping Server ( here )
Initialized Memory Card ( see Phase 1 )
Phantasy Star Online Game Disc
Gamecube Broadband Adapter
Step 1: Boot Phantasy Star Online Game Disc
Pretty self explanatory.

Step 2: Start Gamecube ISO Ripping Server
Run the Gamecube ISO Ripping Server tool on your PC you configured above. Select the destination folder and name for the Gamecube game image file to be created, then start the utility. You should get a message stating that it is waiting for a connection.

Step 3: Start Phantasy Star Online game in online mode
Start Phantasy Star Online in online mode. It will connect to the server running on the PC and start downloading the ripper code from it. When this is complete, a red screen will appear on the Gamecube and shortly thereafter, you will be prompted to insert the disc you want to rip within 10 seconds. Do this, and once the 10 seconds has passed, your PC will start downloading the image from the disc. When complete, you should have a game disc image on your PC approximately 1.4GB in size. Approximate download time is about an hour or so, but can take longer. This is really just dependant on game size.
Known Issues        
Remember you are streaming game data "on the fly" to your Gamecube at only 10 Megabits/sec. Though the broadband adapter is capable of transferring data at 100 Megabits/sec., however, since Sega assumed nobody has internet faster than 10 Megabits, they decided to lock the transfer speed down to that rate. Games with lots of FMV may run choppy due to peformance issues with the network speed and in-game music is usually affected as well. One fix that helps in some cases is to remove your memory card when you get the group intro press start screen prior to the actual game executing. To save your progress, insert your memory card when you need to save and remove it when save completes being recorded.
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